Mona's finished Easy Folded Poncho from our round table knitalong! A simple, but very functional design, this poncho is currently being knitted together by many at the round table! If you're interested in making one, it's never too late; stop in and we can get you set up to join in all the fun.













This free-form shawl that our own Rebecca Fox knit up with Rita shows that you don't always need a pattern, or a certain amount of yarn to create a beautiful work of art!











This beautiful coat, knit by one of our customers, is from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2007. It is called the Fur Banded Coat and is designed by Wilma Peers. The fur trim is real fox fur. If you're interested in learning more about this beautiful coat that she knit up, please click here to see her Ravelry page.








Laura's mock Houndstooth blankets have been loved and admired by Yarniverse's staff and customers for a long time now.  Utilizing two complimentary colors, Laura makes a simple stitches into a beautiful blanket that many friends and family of hers have enjoyed, and she's willing to share the pattern with everyone!
Cast-on in multiples of 3 (add more if you'd like a border)
Knit in the manner for top border that you'd prefer.
Row 1: *K, K, Slip one stitch*; rep between *
Row 2: Purl across
Row 3: *Slip one stitch, K, K*; rep between *
Row 4: Purl Across
Continue these 4 rows until blanket is as long as you'd like! 
Knit in the manner for bottom border that you'd prefer.
Bind off.